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Do you have a story to tell that you want people to read? Do you want a safe space to get your words out and let people know that they are not alone in how they feel? Well we want to post it! Send us your story pitch at and one of our editors will guide you to getting your post published on our site. Once it is published, it will be read by over 20,000 readers a week! We can use your real name, a pen name or post anonymously.

Mental Health Consulting

We are all about connecting with people and meeting them where they are in the community to provide top-level mental health services and resources. With our new URMND Mental Health Consulting program, we connect the dots between companies, foundations and organizations and proven young mental health professionals. Whether it is implementing new policies, creating new programs or fundraising ideas or figuring out how to open the doors of communications, we are here to collaborate. Learn about what we can do and our low rates by shooting us an email

Event Planning

Do you want to partner with the URMND team to provide a high quality and entertaining mental health awareness event? Whether it is a roundtable, group session, fundraiser or live panel for your company, foundation or organization, we can help you make that happen. Connecting you with some of the most successful therapists, providers and advocates of color in the mental health space, URMND is ready to turn your mental health event up a notch. Learn about what we can do and our low rates by shooting us an email


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