The Self Care Ritual This Makeup Loving, Empowered Olympian Swears By

Featured on Well and Good. Author: Tamim Alnuweiri

Self-care is more of an abstract concept more than a concrete, tangible thing, and it means different things to different people. Perhaps the typical self-care methods just don’t do it for you. Does binge-watching Netflix ruin your sleep and give you anxiety? Does your tiny apartment simply not have a bathtub? No shame in your game! But, if you’re looking for some inspo, Olympic bobsledder Aja Evans has gold-medal-worthy self-care routine. (What can I say? She’s a a girl after my own heart).

I love a good face mask—I’ve tried them all!” the athlete told Refinery29. “That’s my biggest indulgence: hopping out of the shower, jumping in a robe, and watching Netflix with a face mask on.” (Same.)

While self-proclaimed makeup junkie Evans said maintaining healthy skin is her primary beauty concern, her game face is courtesy of favorite beauty products. “When your brows are on point, you can take on the world,” she said, adding that her makeup regimen isn’t a way for her to hide anything but rather makes her feel powerful.

This Olympian obviously knows that right shade of red lipstick can feel like war paint.

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