Welcome to URMND 2020

First of all,

I want to thank every single human being who has been apart of this passion project since our launch in 2017. I started this website, the clothing capsules and pushed events with the money I earned being a journalist for VICE and Snap, Inc and writing for television and films the past three years. Exploring my entrepreneurial and creative side always seemed like a distant dream after working in mental health and nonprofits for over ten years. The response to everything has been overwhelming and for that, I am extremely grateful and appreciative. 

We are excited to bring in 2020 with fresh ideas, new merch, more services and bigger events in an effort to bring awareness of mental health for young people of color. The goal and the mission will always be to put wellness for ourselves and the people around us to the forefront. 

With that being said, we are super excited to announce the expansion of URMND and all the projects we are taking on in the new year. It is going to be an exciting year as we continue to spread our reach online and in the community as we want to make awareness dope and accessible to the people who want to be apart. Without further ado, Welcome to URMND, bigger and better than ever!

Ryan, Founder


URMND Pitch Line

  • Do you have a story to tell that you want people to read? Do you want a safe space to get your words out and let people know that they are not alone in how they feel? Well we want to post it! Send us your story pitch at hello@urmnd.us and one of our editors will guide you to getting your post published on our site. Once it is published, it will be read by over 20,000 readers a week! We can use your real name, a pen name or post anonymously. 

URMND Monthly Columns

  • Some of our most read stories in the history of our site is when have folks completely kick down their own emotional walls and discuss their experiences in mental health. We are introducing the “URMND Monthly Column” where we connect with prominent figures in art, media, sports and culture to discuss their mental health journeys. 

Merch Drop

  • Over the next few months we are putting out our most descriptive clothing capsules to date. Pushing the boundaries of minimalism and tying in mental health awareness, our merch drop over the next year includes collabs with amazing artists from around the world with new impressive fabrics that you are bound to love and appreciate. Releases come at random with no warning and all shipping is now FREE. Here is what you can keep a lookout for...

  • The University Capsule, #GETHOMESAFE Fly Club Capsule, “TWO-TONE” Dad Hats, Child Trauma Capsule, URMND Script Embroidery Capsule (Throughout 2020)

NEW Services

  • Mental Health Consulting: We are all about connecting with people and meeting them where they are in the community to provide top-level mental health services and resources. With our new URMND Mental Health Consulting program, we connect the dots between companies, foundations and organizations and proven young mental health professionals. Whether it is implementing new policies, creating new programs or fundraising ideas or figuring out how to open the doors of communications, we are here to collaborate. Learn more at hello@urmnd.us 

  • Event Planning: Do you want to partner with the URMND team to provide a high quality and entertaining mental health awareness event? Whether it is a roundtable, group session, fundraiser or live panel for your company, foundation or organization, we can help you make that happen. Connecting you with some of the most successful therapists, providers and advocates of color in the mental health space, URMND is ready to turn your mental health event up a notch. Learn more at hello@urmnd.us 


  • Guys Minds Podcast: “Guys Minds” is a weekly in-depth no holds barred conversation between Ryan Brown and Dwight “Juice” Jones touching on everything from the young black professional male perspective. From food and sports to mental health and pornhub, no topic is off limits for these best friends and successful business partners. Producer: Dave Warrick, CBS. Premieres March 2020.

  • Grey Area Podcast: “Grey Area” is a weekly discussion featuring work and real life friends Elizabeth Hankins and Ryan Brown. Two crazy folks from opposite ends of the earth get together to chat about pop culture, race, mental health and the ins and outs of millenial adulthood while slamming down copious amounts of chardonnay and whiskey. Producer: Dave Warrick, CBS. Premieres March 2020.

  • URMND Podcast: Founder of URMND Ryan Brown sits down twice a month with prominent figures, creatives, fellow therapists and friends to discuss how mental health shapes their past, present and future. Producer: Gerard McNeal, 87 TV Network & Films. Premieres April 2020

  • Inside URMND: Once a month videos starring crisis specialists Ryan Brown and Gary “Trey” Taylor as they meet with everyday people in the community and discuss their struggles with mental health, trauma and mental illness and how it ties to their everyday lives. Producer: Brandon Lee, B. Lee Media Productions. Premieres (TBD) (YouTube)


  • Our party with a purpose in collaboration with Juice Jones and Coop the Creator is back and with fun new tweaks. With home base in Washington DC, the crew is hitting the road to bring the awareness parties to the people who made it happen. 

  • May --- New Jersey, June --- DC, July --- Philly, August --- New York City, September --- Houston, October --- Pittsburgh

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