Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I started this project with zero expectations, a crazy sense of nervousness but an innate desire to make mental health more of a talking point when it comes to millennials and people of color. The original idea stemmed from my Master's thesis back in December 2012 and I finally put my idea in motion into a full-fledged media site and e-commerce store on my birthday in 2017.

My level of gratitude for everyone who has contributed to URMND cannot be put into words. From amazing photographers and models to writers, purchasers and readers of the site, I am forever grateful that you came to check us out. All the organizations and donors I worked with in helping people with mental health issues get the support they need, you have my biggest thank you. None of this would have happened without you. It has only been four months, but the traffic for the site is growing everyday. Everyone’s kind words about the merch and my new career paths as a journalist and business owner has been overwhelming.

Please believe me when I say we are just getting started. Man, I cannot wait to announce this upcoming stuff. I never thought it would be hard to keep things a secret, but my level of excitement is as high as it’s ever been. Radio shows, podcasts, a YouTube documentary series, more new collabs on merch, an online show on dating, more incredible stories on mental health through VICE and I am starting another career as a public speaker (NERVOUS AS HELL). I could not be more excited about 2018.

So for everyone who asked for dad hats as merch, I got you. To everyone who emailed me about writing for the site, I got you. To everyone who told me that they had a dope mental health art idea for merch, I got you. 2017 was an absolutely incredible year and I am still learning how to balance what is now my life. Let’s be more creative. Let’s collaborate. And most importantly, let’s continue the dialogue that is mental health and loving our minds.

See you all in 2018. Cue the Jay-Z "Thank You" music.


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