Happy 2nd Anniversary to URMND

URMND as an idea was my final capstone project for my Masters in Public Administration back in 2012. The general idea was to tie media, events and apparel to mental health and bring it to a platform where people of color could appreciate it. Figuring out the media part back then was tricky. Writing articles only can be a methodical process for the writer and the viewers of the platform. Podcasting as a revenue stream wasn’t on fire yet and streaming content rather than buying it was still relatively new in 2012. Even though I loved and believed in media then, I didn’t know where to begin as far as my own.

Then of course life steps in. I focused more on the nine to five aspect of the grind and even though I love counseling and developing nonprofits, the creative side of my brain was completely unfulfilled. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II shortly after. No matter how badly I wanted to go back to creating my platform, I didn’t have the capital or time to completely leave my career and work on my dream full-time. 

So I took another job. I became a published writer, editor and producer on the side. I had no prior experience doing any of those things, but I know I had a passion for media and the people who helped me bring my second career to life believed in my passions as well. Sometimes that’s all you need, someone to simply just believe in your craft and skills.

After crafting business plan after business plan and spending weeks in LA and Silicon Valley connecting with some of the best minds in the world, pitching and screenwriting. URMND became available to the public and the response was overwhelming. My family, friends, fellow writers, therapists, artists, creators all bought in and it has been the most eye-opening two years. Was everything absolutely flawless? HELL no. But who would want it to be? There is no growth if you are doing everything perfectly on the first try. But I love what we have accomplished from our hashtags of #GETHOMESAFE #TACOBOUTIT #HUGYOURFRIENDS and #HYPEMEUP to creating amazing merch that I continue to see everywhere and having drives to donate to people in need.

Please believe when I say we are just getting started. Ideas are always flowing, platforms are constantly being changed and I truly believe as a platform we can do anything. Mental health will always be the driving force of our conversations and be on the look out for everything we have coming in the future.

If you ever bought a shirt, collaborated with the brand, came to one of our events, wrote a story for us, supported us or simply just checked our website for shits and giggles, I owe you my sincerest gratitude. Thank you for being apart of this journey with a guy who just needed to finish his capstone project. Happy 2nd birthday to URMND and I love you all.



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